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Letter from the general director of the Bank of Industry and Mineral in favor of Baha’i employees to the Prime Minister.
The vice president’s of the textile factory of Shahi, Mr Khazaie’s letter in favor of Mr Shahid Nejad’s president of the factory to the general director of the Bank of Industry and Mineral.
Statement of Mohammad Bagher Sepehri, a colleague of Mr Shahid Nejad in his support to general director of Bank of Industry and Minerals, Mr Asadi.
Report of the Minister of the State to the Prime Minister about Mr Shahid Nejad’s drowning in the sea.
Parliamentary document of head of Mazandaran Police Station, Head of Shahi Police Station, Director of Shahi Factories, Commander of the Mazandaran Gendarmerie Regiment, Major Jahed, Capitan Yoshin, Mr Khazaie, Governor of Shahi Province.
Accounts of provocations and allegations by clergies against the two Baha’is given in a letter by the governor of the second province to the assistant secretary of the Home Office.