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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Education

Head office of the Department of Education, Tehran

Department of Education, District 6, Tehran



Department of Education, District 6

Date 22 Azar 1362 [13 December 1983]

Number …….

Enclosure:  All documents pertaining to the student


From: 12-Farvardin Primary School

To:  [Department of Education], Primary Level Education

Subject: Certification


In the Name of God

This is to certify that Zohreh Tourian was a student in the fourth level at this educational institute from 15 Mehr 1362 [7 October 1983] to 24 Azar 1362[15 December 1983]. However, on 21 Azar 1362 [12 December 1983], the student and her parent admitted to being Baha’is, and in accordance with the orders of the Department, we therefore could not accept the student in this unit and requested the parents to take her file and arrange to enrol her in another primary school.

Director of 12-Farvardin Primary School – Fahimeh [illegible]

[Official Stamp] 12-Farvardin Girls Primary School


[Official Stamp] of the Department of Education, District 6