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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Zelzeleh

[Date:] 29 Aban 1334 [21 November 1955]

[Issue No.:] 283


The Sale of Pepsi Cola Was Banned Throughout France By Law

Why Do Not You Pay Attention To People’s Demands? Cannot the Ministry of Health Prevent the Sale of This Deadly Poison?

Follow the example of the French government and court―are not the judicial authorities capable of investigating the complaints and declarations of crimes in this newspaper and ending the evil of a swindler named Habib Sabet? Does the municipal health department consider itself primarily responsible for maintaining health, or does the head of the health department pay attention to these issues?!?

For several months now―and each week [it is] clearer than the week before―this newspaper has been publishing solid and fiery articles, informing the readers and the government of the reasons for the insistence and arrogance of the founder of the Pepsi Cola factory on selling this alcoholic beverage, which is mixed with cocaine and morphine. [We] have written extensively and in detail about the final motives and aims of Habib Sabet, the leader of a group of swindlers and idiots. Overall, we have disclosed the dirty face of this evil-doer and his partners, and by exposing the nature of the Pepsi Cola syrup, we have warned our dear and honourable compatriots not to drink it, approach it, or touch its bottles.

Yes! The Zelzeleh Newspaper is proud to have succeeded in its consistent and holy struggle and shaken the foundations of Baha’i Habib Sabet’s poison factory, and neutralized the strange propaganda of the factory, on which he had spent more than ten million dollars, and reduced the daily sale of 100,000 bottles of Pepsi Cola, to 10% of that or less. Since the Zelzeleh [Newspaper] articles are inspired by the truth, and mixed with honesty, it has left its mark on the pure hearts of the readers and the radiant hearts of the Muslims, and has overcome the propaganda of the evil elements, especially Habib Sabet, who is directed by Satan!

Habib Sabet set fire to straws in the factory and called it fire. The Zelzeleh [Newspaper] immediately discovered the truth and set fire to these evil doers. Habib Sabet had bribed several people with several hundred thousand tomans, and made them confess that they had made a fake Pepsi Cola. Zelzeleh immediately exposed the truth and severely attacked this dishonest and dishonourable people.  ....

Yes, the unfortunate Habib Sabet showed his ugly face to the people out of desperation. He personally admitted the truth of the Zelzeleh articles of the last few months, which had explicitly forbidden the addicted people from mixing Pepsi Cola with alcoholic beverages, and even the minister of health had mentioned this vital issue.

The Zelzeleh [Newspaper] proved that Pepsi Cola was a mixture of cocaine and morphine and a mixture of addictive, harmful substances, and that this rotten, sludge-filled syrup not only makes people addicted and poisoned, but also it can also lead to ulcers, stomach cancer and eczema. In summary, Zelzeleh Newspaper once again performed its sacred duty, and Baha’i Habib Sabet, the founder of the Pepsi Cola factory, confessed to his crime and betrayal in writing through an advertisement…

Those who will not respond to the Zelzeleh, … will not take a step to discover the truth and prevent the poisoning of the nation. They did not pay attention to the written statement of the founder of Pepsi Cola factory, and did not want to pursue the issue, which is vital for the Iranian people. Nor did they even prevent the selling of Pepsi Cola in restaurants, hotels and bars, in which, according to Habib Sabet, they should not mix it with alcoholic drinks ...

For years, the French [people], like the people of Iran, were drinking this deadly potion as a nutritious syrup that increases the appetite, regardless of the Pepsi Cola’s deadly substance and its addictive nature and were deceived by the Baha’i propaganda….

The sellers of Pepsi Cola in France had only materialistic interests, and Baha’i Habib Sabet also had a demonic intention in addition to material ones and made the Pepsi Cola factory a refuge for a handful of unbelievers and a hiding place for all his co-religionists.