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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Zelzeleh

[Date:] 10 Mehr 1334 [3 October 1955]

[Issue No.:] 276


Cancer and Eczema With Pepsi Cola - For the Attention of [the] Prime Minister and [the] Minister of Health

Pepsi-Cola has now proven with conclusive evidence that it is a potion of death and is gradually revealing its dangerous, deadly and poisonous properties and the dirty nature of Habib Sabet.

O destroyers of the Haziratu’l-Quds, O defenders and soldiers of the right path, O Muslims, O righteous, O athletes , O youth, O elderly people, O mothers, wake up and avoid drinking this dirty syrup, which is full of dirt mixed with cocaine and harmful substances. Do not blindly sacrifice your health for the evil intentions of the Baha’is, who are your bloodthirsty enemies and the enemies of your religion and faith; because it has become proven that Habib Sabet had sworn, in the month of Ramadan of this year, to repair the Haziratu’l-Quds and build other Hazairatu’l-Quds with Muslim money, and to compensate for the insults they have heard from the people, and infect them with contagious and dangerous disease…

The poisoning of three children, which we introduced two weeks ago, and the decomposition of Pepsi Cola materials―which, according to informants, is [made of] a mixture of coca (a tree found on the African continent) with special alcohols, a little red sugar and plain water, and has infected thousands of people in the United States and Europe with cancer and ulcers―prove the evil intention of this evil man and the dirty sect.

The articles of Zelzeleh Newspaper also echoed like death knells in people’s ears and the crime of Habib Sabet was mentioned by men and women, small and big. Baha’is became disgraced from the top of the ruins of their Haziratu’l Quds and the sound echoed in the National Consultative Assembly. According to Ettehad-e Melli newspaper, a few days ago, Mr. Zolfaghari, the deputy prime minister, said to Mr. Jahangir Tafazzoli, a member of parliament and the editor of Our Iran newspaper, “Why are you biting the prime minister in the newspaper about Pepsi Cola ?!”  Mr. Jahangir Tafazzoli answered that, in the minutes of the public meeting, the issue of Habib Sabet, Pepsi Cola and the prime minister had been raised, and it was good that the government had responded to these words that were said in an official meeting.”

With this situation, is it appropriate for the prime minister to keep quiet and not comment on all the rumours that are circulating about his own stock, the danger of drinking Pepsi Cola and the Baha’i sect? Is it appropriate for Dr. Saleh, the minister of health, to remain silent in the face of all the hype surrounding the operation of Habib Sabet and the perverted Baha’i sect, and blame Pepsi Cola for its combination of cocaine and harmful components, and introduce it as killer poison? They do not even answer the questions of this newspaper in order to keep the people quiet.

However, as a Muslim and a journalist of faith, we advise our colleagues to strictly avoid drinking this poisonous syrup (which is called the potion of death), and thereby neutralize the destructive and treacherous operations of the Baha’is.