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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Zelzeleh

[Date:] 22 Aban 1334 [14 November 1955]

[Issue No.:] 282


Do Not Drink Pepsi Cola, Which Causes Stomach Ulcers, Cancer and Eczema

O Muslims read! O Iranians, know that…

Finally, the Baha’i Habib Sabet confessed in the newspapers that Pepsi-Cola is dangerous, and he admitted his betrayal.

It has been said that “The word of truth rises from the heart and sits on the heart.” Once again, God Almighty and the Great Prophet have saved Muslims and Iranians from a great danger, which is far more contagious and deadlier than the plague…

Now, let us skip everything and just focus on Pepsi Cola. The day that our vigilant reporters, smart colleagues and loyal comrades announced that a new factory had been established, its product was Pepsi Cola syrup, and its founder was that criminal and long-standing and humiliating Baha’i element named Habib Sabet, we knew everything and understood all their plans from memory, because in the very first days, we realized the importance of the issue. Unlike the naive and simple-minded people who looked at the factory with indifferent eyes and considered Pepsi Cola as a thirst-quenching syrup, we knew about the demonic intentions of the makers of this drink. We considered the indecisiveness, tolerance and procrastination in the face of this betrayal a crime.

According to the saying, “The solution for the incident must be undertaken before it happens”, we ran our fiery, enemy-killing and disgracing pen over the pages of the Zelzeleh Newspaper. In the first article, we shook, like an earthquake, the pillars of Baha’is and Habib Sabet, that leader of irreligious people. We have informed the people about all the publicity for the sale of Pepsi Cola, which has cost ten million dollars, or 800 million rials, and [of the fact that] millions of [Pepsi Cola] bottles were offered for free to the passers-by on the streets and people were begged to drink.

What did the reporters say and what did we do?

In the early days of the establishment of the Pepsi Cola factory, its founder or founders and influential partners set up bands with drumbeat and trumpet, drove colorful cars, carried various signs in the streets and alleys and deafened the people with radio commercials. Our reporters informed us that, “Since the Haziratu’l-Quds, through the efforts of the pious and pure-hearted, has been cleansed from the existence of a few impure swindlers, and Baha’is have taken refuge and hidden like rats, a factory has been purchased, which, with one wink achieves two goals. On the one hand, it provides shelter for the dark-hearted and the unbelievers; on the other hand, it takes revenge on Muslims with their false imagination and by emptying their pockets, making their youth addicted and poisoning the infants and children, makes up for the heavy defeat of the Baha’is.”

The staff of this newspaper, who are considered to be the most fanatical Muslims, did not consider it permissible to delay, and started to fight by writing or by taking action. And they did not hesitate to sacrifice their lives to save their fellow religionists [Muslims], Christians and Jews, who are hated and envied by the Baha’is.

First, we sent a few bottles of Pepsi Cola abroad for analysis, and as soon as we were sure that the ingredients were composed of cocaine, morphine, and toxic components and that it causes ulcers (stomach ulcers), cancer, and eczema, and because it contains drugs, it is worse than opium and addictive substance, we raised our voices and said, “O People! the name of this syrup is “death potion” and its executive guarantor is Azrael [the angel of death].”

O Muslims, this drink is made and paid for by the Baha’is.  Baha’is have called it a “revenge potion,” O Iranians! Beware, Beware! Do not drink or give it to your children and your guests. Do not even smell it. Because the smell of death wafts through the contents of the glass.  And do not touch it, because eczema is one of its smallest harms…

Yes, O zealous Muslims. O honourable compatriots. We got our reward and forced Habib Baha’i to confess. Because we had no other intention except to serve  humanity and maintain the health of our fellow religions, the Almighty God helped us, and now, after enduring several months of hard work, we are relieved that the Pepsi Cola factory also suffered the disgraceful fate of the Haziratu’l-Quds. The life of this dirty potion is over; we will talk about it again.