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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Zelzeleh

[Date:] 27 Shahrivar 1334 [19 September 1955]

[Issue No.:] 274


Pepsi Cola: the sword of Baha’i revenge. O Muslims be vigilant, lest by buying Pepsi Cola you actually assist the Baha’is financially, and intoxicate [yourselves] by drinking this narcotic syrup.  Take this rusty spear that Habib Sabet (named the Sword of Revenge) from the infamous and irreligious sect of Baha’ism, and do not be deceived by the delicate glasses and advertisements of this dirty man.

O fathers and mothers, learn a lesson from the children that were poisoned, whom we introduced in the previous issues, and do not pour this poisonous syrup, which is combined with morphine, cocaine and special alcohol, into your children’s mouths with your own hands. This factory was built by the hands of Baha’is, and with the capital of Baha’is, to make up for the disastrous defeat of Baha’is. It is the duty of every Muslim to thwart the operations of this sect. It is your decision…

All this is the result of the evil deeds of the capitalists, men and wealthy people of this country, who, on the one hand, in order to achieve their dirty goal, become staunch Muslims and abuse the eternal power of Islam, and on the other hand, destroy the roots of Islam by carrying out evil plans, increasing the cost of living and, and by leading them to destruction [cause] millions of their fellow human beings to suffer from poverty and misery.  As a result, they irrigate the tree of Communism and make people rebel and revolt, and a group are also thrown into the arms of Shoghi Effendi out of desperation.

In the meantime, a dishonest and … [obscene and insulting words] like Habib Sabet, the president of the infamous Baha’i sect, also uses the precarious situation of the Muslims of the third and even the second class, and traps the impoverished and hungry populace in different ways, because he offers money and spends generously from the pockets of foreigners and the Baha’i fund. He contributes to a small number of profiteering Muslims, emptying the pockets of Muslims in the name of attracting foreign capital, and, on the other hand, stores the incalculable benefits of Pepsi Cola in the Baha’i fund and creates the biggest propaganda in favour of this failed sect. He takes the complaint of the Baha’is, with complete arrogance and malice, to the United Nations and laments the actions of the Muslims.

It is truly humiliating for us that we know that the Baha’is (according to Habib Sabet) [maintain] the decision to punish the Muslims. He established this factory as vengeance for their failure in the month of Ramadan [referring to havoc created by speeches of Falsafi] and openly empties the pockets of the people and intoxicates the youth and poisons the children, and we do not yet stop him.  Unfortunately, a few of our leaders befriend him and enter into his joyous meetings and purchase the shares of his factory and enjoy and benefit from his dancers and singers, and shamelessly call themselves Muslims. On occasion, when the need arises, [they] also become Sheikholeslam, and lament and cry for the son of the greatest man of the world, who suffered martyrdom in the path of freedom and truth [Imam Hossein]…

Now we write repeatedly:

O young Iranians, [according to] the diligent research we have done, this syrup has been mixed with harmful substances. It is a combination of coca, a tree that grows in Africa and whose fruit has the properties of cocaine, and morphine. It first makes a person addicted, and then poisons him. Do not destroy your health with your own hands.

Now we write repeatedly:

O fathers and mothers! Be careful that your children do not crave this tasteless and poisonous syrup and get poisoned. What will be the benefit and what effect will it have?

However, to indict Habib Sabet, and to disgrace the Baha’i community, we will write regularly and finally expose his betrayal.