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[Personal information has been redacted.]

[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Zelzeleh

[Date:] 17 Mehr 1334 [10 October 1955]


Do not Drink Pepsi Cola, “The Potion of Death”, To Avoid Grappling with Azrael [Angel of Death]

Baha’is should know that the manager of Zelzeleh, grandson of Shariatmadar Sangalji does not hesitate even to sacrifice his life in the path of fighting for truth over falsehood.

In a few issues we wrote what was needed to serve the public health, and in continuous and detailed articles, disclosed the true nature of the Baha’i Habib Sabet, the souvenir of the impure Shoghi Effendi, [and] the alcoholic and dangerous drink of Pepsi Cola. We proved with irrefutable evidence and [creditable] documents that Pepsi Cola was brought to this country by the Baha’is as a revenge for their humiliating defeat. Since it causes ulcers and cancer, as well as eczema, they have attempted, based on their illusions and false imaginations, to spend tens of millions of dollars on advertising, so that, on the one hand, [they can] empty the people’s pockets, and on the other hand, addict the young people, poison the children and generally inflict the greatest blow on the body of Muslims.

For this reason, we made serious attempts to thwart the advertisements of these villains and destroy Habib Sabet’s plans to advance the filthy aims of Baha’is, by reliance on the spiritual power which, in reality, is the great name of Islam. We are honoured and proud that in this holy fight we have exposed the disgraceful Baha’i and Babi cult and have succeeded greatly in reducing the consumption of this poisonous syrup to one-third of its initial sales. We have neutralised and [caused to] vanish, like bubbles in the air, all the satanic operations, positive and negative propaganda of these instruments of (Jamal-e-Abha!!) [Abha Beauty, the title of Baha’u’llah, the Founder of the Baha’i Faith], such as: [burning] the factory’s rubbish and creating conflagration, the prosecution of the fake lemonade-makers instead of the fake Pepsi Cola, and other shameless and foolish acts, as well as writing nonsensical statements with forged or nicknamed signatures, which indicate clearly their inferiority, abasement and fear. They do not even have the power to clearly sign those letters.

In short, we tore away the veils of hypocrisy and deception with the tip of a burning quill, and pulled out from behind the veils their sinister real faces and the evil and true figures of the shameless Baha’is, and showed them to the public. We even made intensive efforts, by analysing this unpleasant syrup mixed with the sludge Pepsi Cola, until we found out that these seemingly delicate bottles are filled with a lethal and dangerous potion which causes gastric ulcers and cancer, and warned the people about approaching this toxic syrup.

Yes, we are proud that we have fully and completely performed our sacred duty towards the Iranian nation, especially towards our Muslim fellow religionists and believers With our efforts we even exposed the factory, which is the home and sanctuary of the Baha’is and the centre of their spying, and we cried out, “If the Haziratu’l-Quds has been taken from a bunch of unholy and spying Baha’is, the factory has become the filthy place of these impure people instead.”

We wrote and told everything and will also write and tell again.

So it is not a secret that the manager of Zelzeleh Newspaper is Esmailpour Etezadi, the grandson of Shariatmadar Sangalji, who is one of the religious leaders and pioneers of the path of truth, following the footsteps of his great father, [and he] will not rest assured until he [wins] this holy fight, which is the victory of truth over falsehood. He will not stop this fight until the perverted sect of the Baha’i is eliminated and the Pepsi Cola factory, the souvenir of the son of [the Primal Point!!] present in a handful of faithless spies, is destroyed.

In the next week and the following, and until such a day that we succeed in our sacred goal, we will write about this topic.