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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Zelzeleh

[Date:] 10 Mehr 1334 [3 October 1955]

[Issue No.:] 276


The Baha’i Habib Sabet bought up and put away all of the copies of the previous issue of the Zelzeleh newspaper

Habib Sabet has appealed to the influential authorities to stop us from our campaign and prevent the people’s awareness of the poisonous compounds in Pepsi Cola.

What mission does this retired Baha’i colonel have?!

According to the information provided by our reporters and sources, last week Habib Sabet, the head of the Pepsi Cola factory, hired several individuals, using five automobiles, with the mission to go to all newspaper stands in Tehran and buy all of the existing copies of the Zelzeleh newspaper, and they did so.

[In bold headline] Why has Habib Sabet become so interested in our newspaper and is buying all of them at once?

Our dear readers know quite well that this action is not because of interest, but rather based on his fear, and he has taken this action because of anger and desperation; that is understandable because the Zelzeleh newspaper has awakened the people from their slumber of ignorance by publishing heated and fiery articles, and has made them aware that this Pepsi Cola drink has neither any nutritious compounds, nor fruit juice. Rather, Pepsi Cola consists of cocaine, alcohol, and illicit, harmful, poisonous, and addictive drugs and other things.

We have proven through decisive documentation that the Baha’is have availed themselves of this colourful trick in order to compensate for their defeat, and they do not have any purpose other than emptying the pockets of Muslims, addicting the youth, and helping the deceived and the Baha’is.

Indeed, the Zelzeleh newspaper has come down on the Pepsi Cola factory like an anvil and has stopped the activities of this destructive and harmful factory. The Zelzeleh newspaper was revealed to the people like heavenly inspiration and came to the help of Muslims and [publicized] the actions of Habib Sabet. It was for this reason that Habib Sabet started to move and take action and wanted to deprive the people of reading Zelzeleh, and proceeded to scoop up our last issue.

He was unaware that several thousand copies had already reached the hands of the subscribers and they had also been sent to small towns. In addition, after becoming aware of the aforementioned incident, calls to the press room and the unprecedented enthusiasm of the people led to seven thousand issues’ being once again published and distributed. May it blind the eyes of the Baha’is that all of the issues sold out. Perhaps every household in Tehran obtained an issue of Zelzeleh. What stimulates us is the encouragement and enthusiasm of the Muslims and residents of Tehran and other cities, who [encourage] us continually in this sacred struggle and great service through phone calls and letters.

It is laughable that this hot-headed man, in order to stop the publication of our lawful, religious, and patriotic articles, has appealed to our influential authorities, and with cries and sighs has attempted to stop the Zelzeleh newspaper from tarnishing the (non-existent) reputation of Habib and the Baha’is and informing the people about the compounds that comprise this deadly potion.

In addition, in order to compensate for their shameful defeat, they have attempted to take another laughable action, thinking that they have brought the Muslims to the point of desperation (!!) with this act; that is, one of the retired Baha’i colonels, by the name of Ghodratollah Ferdowsi, who, because of his heinous actions and being a Baha’i, was compelled to retire, has become the supervisor of Sabet Pasal’s repair shop. This honourable man has fired the Muslim workers from the factory and has hired the Baha’i workers instead. However, Habib Sabet must know that, based on this unwise action, people have seen through his intentions and it will not be long before the Pepsi Cola factory will become as useless to these treasonous individuals as the Haziratu’l-Quds [Baha’i Centre].