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Ministry of Post, Telegraph, and Telephone



From Isfahan to T [Tehran]; Receipt Number: ------; Telegram Number: ------, Number of Words: -----, Date of Original: -------, Date of Receipt: 8 Shahrivar [1325] - [30 August 1946]


I bring to your attention the following report from Ardestan as it happened. Pozhooh


Report of 7/6/1325-[29 August 1946] Ardestan:


According to the information received from Zavareh as well as the Gendarmerie, two [Muslim] preachers came to Zavareh from Isfahan, and with the encouragement of some local influential people and they have made some comments against the locals of Posht-Mashhad of Zavareh [meaning] the Baha’is. As a result, the majority of the people put pressure on the residents of Posht-Mashhad not to take water from the reservoir or go to the bathhouse, etc.  During a fight they caused some damage and injuries to them [the Baha’is] including, on the night of the 6th, burning down the bathhouse of the local of Posht-Mashhad and the door of a garden belonging to Nasrollah Azadegan.  Complaints have been made to the Regiment Security Forces of Isfahan and Regiment of Ardestan and the Office of the Head of district [?] on behalf of the local citizens of Posht-Mashhad.



Ali-Mohammad Besharati


[Handwritten Note:][The matter] was brought to his Honour’s attention. [He ordered that a report] be telegraphed to the Office of 10 Provincial Governor General, 2/6/1325-[24 August 1946]