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Islamic Republic of Iran


Administrative Order of the Office of Personnel

Form (52-4) -32 ‘A, Department of State for Administrative Affairs and Employment

  1. Ministry/Institution: State Forest and Rangeland Organization
  2. Employee number: [redacted]
  3. Name Mr: Zarghamoddin
  4. Surname: Movaffaghi
  5. Father: Gholam-Hosein
  6. Identification number and place of issue:

Identification number: [redacted], place of issue: City: [redacted], Province/Governorate: [redacted]

  1. Place of birth: [redacted]
  2. Date of birth: 1 Mehr [redacted] [24 September]
  3. Highest academic certificate and field of study achieved:

Highest academic certificate: Third year of high school, field of study: Forestry

  1. Title of the determined organizational position: Staffing (Category [redacted])
  2. Class: Administrative and Finance, Field: Staffing, Level: One
  3. Group: Four
  4. Base: Six
  5. Organizational Unit: Organizational and Administrative Affairs in Chalus
  6. Place of Service: Town: [redacted], Province/Governorate: Mazanderan
  7. Warrant: ---
  8. Type of judgement: Dismissal from service
  9. Description of the Order: Considering that your employment is contrary to paragraph E of Article 14 of the Public Services Employment Act, and consequently has been against the regulations, your initial employment order is annulled from the date if its issue and all the decisions issued for you have become invalid. Obviously, monies that you have received to this date will not be returned. 4/M
  10. Salaries, benefits and extras
  11. Salaries, benefits and extras stipulated in this decision, total an amount of (in letters) --- rials, which, after legal deductions, is payable from the Trust ---- Chapter ----Articles.
  12. Date of enforcement of the decision: Refer to the description of the decision
  13. Date of issuance and the number of the decision: Date: 11 Mehr 1360 [3 October 1981], number: 11769
  14. Name and surname of the responsible officer: Seyyed Mohammad Mir Mohammadi [Signature]

Title of the determined organizational position: Head of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in the Forestry and Rangelands


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