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Case Number:__________

[Administrative dues were paid]



Islamic Republic of Iran


Court of Administrative Justice


Employment Application Form


Referred to Branch______

Signature of the Chief Adjudicator of the Court [of Administrative Justice]__________

Registration number and date:________


Particulars of the parties:


Complainant:  First and last name:  Zahra Rouhizadegan Jahromi; Father’s name: Fazlollah;

Job title and personnel number: ______; Group and level: ______; Location of service::_____; Residence: Shiraz – [Address]


Complainant’s attorney: ______


Respondent Ministry or Department: Provisional Council for the Restructuring of Human Resources No. 3 of the Oil Industry of Shiraz


Subject of grievance and claim: Rescission of order number HB/255/3, dated 25/5/1361 [16 August 1982], and reinstatement of my husband’s pension as the judicial request below


Statement, reasoning and evidence:


In His Name, the Exalted


Honourable Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi, Chief Justice of the Islamic Republic of Iran…


Respectfully, my name is Zahra Rouhizadegan Jahromi—wife of Abbas-Ali Zareian Jahromi— resident of Shiraz. I hereby submit to your attention that it has been about nine years that my husband’s pension has been cut off due to his belief in the Baha’i Faith. The decision of the Provincial Council issued nine years ago on 25/5/61 [16 August 1982] ordering the termination of [his] pension and [his] permanent dismissal from government services is herewith attached. Of course, based on your utterances, this decision should have no validity whatsoever; inasmuch as in your statements broadcasted in the mass media you state that no one is ever charged for his beliefs and that the government has never terminated anyone’s income due to ideology and belief. So how is it that these injustices are imposed [by some authorities]?


My husband is now a weak and frail man at 74. For over 30 years of his life he served the oil company. He labored for his government and the nation of Iran. He worked under the harshest conditions. Now that he has reached old age, is it fair that he is deprived of his pension, merely because of his Baha’i beliefs, which has no contradictions with Islam? In relation to the termination of my husband’s pension we have written numerous letters to you and other respected authorities, but to no avail. Now as you are the highest authority of the Court of Administrative Justice and your chief task is to ensure that no one’s rights are infringed upon—for we live in the Islamic Republic—it is my request that you consider my grievance and rectify this injustice.


In conclusion, I wish you a long and healthy life. I enclose, for your attention, my letter dated 4/11/1369 [24 January 1991] to your respected office and my husband’s letter 14448/70-dated 30/09/1370 [21 December 1991] requesting to revoke the order of the Restructuring Council. God willing you will take action against such injustice.


With deepest respect,

Zahra Rouhizadegan Jahromui


[handwritten note at the bottom of the page]

Signature of Mrs. Zahra Rouhizadegan Jahromui is verified

Secretariat director of Branch one of the Court of Law 1 in Shiraz

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[Administrative dues]


Address: [contact details] Zahra Rouhizadegan Jahromui


Complainant’s signature is verified


The signature or the finger print of the complainant must be verified by either  the secretariat office of the court, the deputy governor, law enforcement office, the police, any government offices or revolutionary institutions, or any congregation prayer Imam in the local mosque where the complainant resides. In the event that the complainant lives outside the country, it should be verified by one of the officers of the consulate section of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


[bottom of the form contains the published copy of the Court of Administrative Justice Act]