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[Adapted from website:] Young Journalists Club

[Date:] 1 Mordad 1398 [23 July 2019]


Return of the Young Journalists Club Twitter Account + Photos

The Young Journalists Club Twitter account has been made available again after having been suspended for several days.

According to the Young Journalists Club cyberspace group, the Twitter account of the Young Journalists Club, which was suspended a few days ago, was made available again last night. At the same time as the [Young] Journalists Club, the social network Twitter suspended the accounts of several other news agencies, such as IRNA and Mehr.

However, in this series of suspensions of Twitter accounts, this social network, more than any other news agencies and official institutions, had interrupted or suspended large numbers of arbitrary and revolutionary user accounts which share anti-arrogance [articles].

The Young Journalists Club sent an email to Twitter officials after the suspension of its account, asking them the reason for the blockade and for removal of the suspension.

In response, Twitter also claimed that the reason for suspending the Young Journalists Club’s account was its violation of the technical rules of this social network. Yesterday, however, the BBC made a false claim that the reason for the suspension of Iranian accounts was “coordinated and targeted harassment of members of the Baha’i community in Iran”! Twitter’s allegation of violating the social network’s technical rules came as several accounts, mostly affiliated with the revolutionary movement, were suspended all at the same time, indicating that there were political motives behind the move and a violation of the social network’s technical rules, and nothing more.