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[Newspaper:] Yalsarat

[Date:] Monday, 23 Esfand 1378 [13 March 2000] – 6 Dhul-Hijja 1420

[Issue No.:] 72

[Page:] 3


By Special Telex

Arrival of Baha’ism at the University [Academic] Stage

As reported by well-informed sources, the activities of the Knowledge University of Baha’ism [Baha’i Institute for Higher Education] have resumed and members of this perverse sect accept students in various fields through a new organization, without following the state laws. 

Unlike in previous years, they did not have entrance exams this year, and students were admitted to the Baha’i Institute for Higher Education based on their diploma’s average grades, and this resulted in acceptance of a larger number. It must be said that last year, this sect’s educational organizations were closed as a result of a well-timed raid by the authorities. Presently, proper measures are needed again to prevent any misuse by Baha’i elements.