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27 Aban 1318 [19 November 1939]


His Excellency the Prime Minister, may your glory be everlasting - 4

For several months, as a result of signing as a witness on a Baha’i marriage certificate, this servant, Yahya Kowsari, a resident of Kurdistan, has been prosecuted and faced troubles and problems from the local Magistrate’s Court and the Ministry of Justice of Kurdistan and the Kermanshahan Appeal Court, and I have suffered extraordinary losses.

I was summoned to Kurdistan Court once in May/June. Therefore, I was forced to halt my work, postpone my farming duties and appear in the court. The [judge] ruled in favour of my acquittal. But the Kurdistan public prosecutor was not pleased with my acquittal and appealed the ruling. I was summoned to the appeal court in September/October. Upon my presence and [after] extensive inquiry and questioning, they permitted me to return [home] to receive the court’s ruling later through the local magistrate’s court; it has not been received to date.

In any case, for witnessing a legitimate case of marriage, so much trouble has been created; for a farmer it is unbearable. Therefore, I meekly plead that Your Excellency pay ample attention and have mercy so that they will not cause me further losses, and they also will not create this sort of trouble in the matter of a Baha’i marriage or the witnessing of one, for those who follow their own beliefs, but are obedient to the national laws.

With respect and appreciation


[Stamp: received at the Prime Minister’s Office]

Number: 10970

Dated: 4 Azar 1318 [26 November 1939]


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Head of the Ministers’ Office, archive it.