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In the Name of Him Whose Name is a solace to the hearts

His honour, Mr. Dorri-Najafabadi, respected Prosecutor-General of the country

With greetings to you in your respected and distinguished government position and, given that your venerable personage has continued to expend all efforts to defend the rights of Iranian citizens, and has always followed the principles of the Iranian Constitution in ensuring the prosperity and security of Iran and Iranians, I sincerely and with gratitude to the Almighty, express to you my gladness and appreciation.

I, Yahya Hedayati, a resident of Semnan, am the father and breadwinner of a family of five.  In addition, I have the responsibility of caring for my elderly father as well as my wife’s mother.  Obviously, taking care of them and ensuring their comfort and security is a great task, and it is also a duty in which I take pride.  In addition to having no belief as an Iranian citizen other than the love of Iran and being a well-wisher of everyone, I have tried throughout my life to, at the very least, be a useful citizen of the Iranian society and a protector of the security of my family.

Now, my reason for troubling you and writing this letter, which [I acknowledge] will take your valuable time, is to request that you assist me in protecting the above-mentioned security of my family.  On eight different occasions, namely the 20th, 26th, and 27th of Farvardin, and 22nd, 23rd, and 29th of Ordibehesht, and 2nd  and 3rd of Khordad, my home has been attacked in the middle of the night by unknown individuals.  In all these cases they broke the windows of my home with stones and bricks, making a frightening sound.  The inhabitants of my home were awakened in fear and worry, with the worst cases involving my elderly father and my mother-in-law who live in our house.  In addition, on the 3rd of Ordibehesht, at 9:00 pm, the windshield and side windows of my car, which was parked in front of our house, were hit by stones and broken into pieces.  The attackers were able to flee the scene after taking these actions, owing to the lack of traffic and darkness in the street.  Each time, the officers of Police-110[1] were informed, and after coming to inspect the place and writing up a report, they left.  But, unfortunately, thus far the perpetrators of these incidents have not been identified, and despite preventive measures and my sending written communication to all relevant authorities in Semnan, and some in-person meetings, no result has been obtained.  The attackers grow more bold every day and, as such, the security of the city of Semnan, which is believed by experts to be one of the safest cities in Iran, has been threatened by a few young people riding motorcycles.

At this point, after God, my family and I have placed our hopes in you.  With appeals to your conscience and humanity, and based on our rights as citizens, I beg your respected highness to investigate this matter and identify the perpetrators of these incidents.  I hope you will accept the requests of this besieged family and take ample steps to return security and peace to our family.  I eagerly await your immediate and hope-inspiring actions.


With expressions of respect

Yahya Hedayati,

5 Khordad 1388 [26 May 2009]



Political Security Deputy of the Ministry of Interior


[1] [Police emergency response]