Yadollah Sepehr-Arfa

Born: 26 May 1927, Tehran

Executed in Tehran on 23 October 1981


Yadollah Sepehr-Arfa was born into a Muslim family.  His father passed away when he was a young boy, and although his sister who cared for him was a Baha’i, he remained a staunch Muslim.  In later years however, he too joined the Faith and even guided his 85-year-old mother to it.

On 30 August 1981 his home was attacked by 3 armed men.  They forced him into their car and disappeared.  His whereabouts was unknown to his family for months until 5 October 1981 when he was permitted to make a phone call to his sister.  They discovered that he was being imprisoned at Evin prison.  One month later, on 8 November 1981, his family was called to the prison.  They were given his last will and testament and informed that he had been executed. He was executed on 23 October 1981. His body was not returned to his family; he was possibly buried by the authorities.


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