Yadollah Mahboubiyan

Born: 1930, Hamadan

Executed by firing squad in Tehran on 30 July 1980


Yadollah Mahboubiyan was born into a Baha’i family.  After completing his high school education, he obtained a degree in Electrical Engineering from Tehran University.  He established his own company and was very successful.  After the commencement of the Islamic Revolution, he sent his family to the United States and joined them in February 1979.  Six months later, the Electrical Corporation of the Government of Iran requested him to return, guaranteeing his safety.  In the meantime, his properties and business were confiscated.

In August 1979 he returned to Iran. He was immediately arrested and imprisoned in Evin prison. He was severely tortured during one year and was executed by firing squad on 30 July 1980. His body was buried in the Baha'i cemetery of Tehran.


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