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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Office of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor-Tehran

In the Name of God



Date: 8/10/1370 [29 December 1991]

Number: 3920

Enclosure -----

Name and surname: Yadollah Esfandiari or current resident

Address of residence: [redacted]

Reason for invitation: 1- permission to reside 2-Settlement of the account

Place and time of attendance: date.72 hours after receipt [of this summons] Time: 9.30

[You are instructed to] present yourself, with all related documents, to settle the account

Signature of the [individual hereby summoned]

Date of review:

Name of the Officer:

[signature over official stamp]

Office of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor, Tehran

[contact details]

Action by: Debt collection- Dehnavi