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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Ministry of the Interior

The National Gendarmerie [Police] Force

Date: 7/7/1344 [29 September 1965]

Enclosure: 6 pages of enlistment papers

Number: 4702 RZ


Extremely urgent


From: Fars Region Gendarmerie [Police] Force


To: General Head of the [National Compulsory] Military Service Office


[Subject:]  Regarding enlisted soldier: High schools graduate Yadollah Atrian Tazangy, son of Mohammad Hashem, birth certificate number [redacted], from Sarvestan, [enlistment papers are] sent along with the enlisted soldier:

The aforementioned enlisted soldier, who is a follower of the Baha’i ideology, is hereby being presented with his 6-page enlistment papers and enlistment service book.  You are instructed to make a decision concerning his military posting in any appropriate unit and report to us the results of your action.


On behalf of Fars Regional Gendarmerie Unit, Colonel Army Staff Basiri



Recipient: Military Service Office, Shiraz, for information