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Islamic Republic of Iran          



Agricultural Jihad

State Veterinary Organization

Central Veterinary Office of Semnan Province

Semnan Veterinary Branch

Number: 17/9949

Date: 15/11/88 [4 February 2010]



In the Name of the Almighty


“The secret of your victory was the unity of your word”

Imam Khomeini (May his soul rest in peace)


To the respected Management of Mioun Lobar Company

Greetings to Prophet Muhammad and His kin (PBUH)

Respectfully, pursuant to the decision of the Animal Husbandry Licensing Committee for the Province of Semnan, issued on 24/10/1388 [14 January 2010], concerning termination of the cow milk production license of Mioun Lobar Company, this is to request the removal of the existing cattle and all other livestock and birds that are kept without a permit from the farm area within 15 days.  Non-compliance with this request shall have legal consequences.


Dr. Muhammad Saeedi


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