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[Personal information has been redacted.]


The Distinguished Mayor of Najafabad,

With utmost respect, I would like to convey the following, that you may take necessary actions, as some insulting words have been written on the walls adjacent to my house. Today, with extensive information available to the public, most people know that all divine religions and Islam’s holy precincts are considered as holy for us [Baha’is] and we consider Mohammad as the shining lamp of prophethood and the exalted existence. The principle of obedience to the government and obedience to the civil code of laws is one of the distinguishing features of the Baha’i Faith.

With the recognition that neighbours and fellow-citizens have gathered from our [long-standing] actions over an extensive period of time, and through observation of our kindness, truthfulness and loyalty to government and obedience to the religious principles, they all condemn these insulting graffiti. Those who write these [insulting] words are neither aware of the social principles, nor do they obey the religious or government laws; they are in need of guidance.



With heartfelt gratitude, Ghalili [signature]

Najafabadi [signature]

27 Aban 1387 [17 November 2008]