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In the Name of God

His Excellency, the Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Praised be the great leader of the Islamic Revolution and praised be the innocent martyrs of the land of Iran.


My name is Vahid Vojdani. In the month of Mehr 1362 [September/October 1983] [I] presented a petition regarding the cause of death of the unfortunate youth, G3 Sergeant Yousof Ilakhchi- Moghaddam, from Legion 28 of Sanadaj. I received a response, following letter number 401-76-66060 dated 17 Aban 1362 [8 November 1983], from the Personnel Manager of NZAJA, signed by Colonel Bagheri and Colonel A. J. Khoshnevisan.

In that letter it was mentioned that the file on the matter had been sent to the Judicial Department F-L 28 P (RA), according to letter 401-76-6606 dated 21 Ordibehesht 1361 [11 May 1982], returning to number 201-54-38, dated 7 Ordibehesht 1361 [27 April 1982]. Since then, no action has been taken with regard to discovering the cause of death of the aforementioned.

In considering the above issues, should the head of the republic [make an] order for just investigations, there are documents at hand that indicate major discrepancies about the cause of death of this soldier of the Islamic Republic of Iran, so that a full account of the event will be presented in the court of justice.

It is requested that arrangements be made so that the blood of an Iranian is not wasted and the records of this matter may be concluded with certainty.


With heartfelt gratitude for your extended attention

Vahid Vojdani

[Address:] Tabriz [address] Repair Shop of Kayvan