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Welfare Office, Semnan Province


Islamic Republic of Iran

State Welfare Organization of Iran

Date: 21/10/1359 [11 January 1981]

Number: 140/435

Enclosure: ---


Deputy of ---

Office of Administrative Affairs, Organizational Office,

Semnan Province


Pursuant to the adoption of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, it has been decreed that ministries and governmental institutions should be governed by the Islamic system and the rules and principles of the Islamic Republic; therefore it is not proper to continue to have employees in ministry subordinate units who are definitely known as followers of the perverse Bahá’í sect.

Therefore, as it is understood that under the provisions of Article 14 of the Employment Law of the State and Article 6 of the Social Security Employment Code, as well as other employment regulations in which non-corruption is considered as one of the conditions of employment, hiring of such persons is in no wise legally licensed.

Please promptly investigate those accused of [being affiliated with] the Baha'i sect by writing to them to ask them of this matter. If they insist on this belief, cancel the initial hiring decision (whether it was subject to the Employment Law of the State, the Social Security Administration Employment Schedule or any other employment regulations) and dismiss them effective 1/11/1359 [21 January 1981].  Also consider any further action required in relation to their years of service as set out in labour regulations.

Dr. Mohammad Ali Fayyazbakhsh

Head of State Welfare Organization of Iran


CC: Ms. Parvin Besharati for her information and prompt response in writing before date 1/11/1359 [21 January 1981]

Seyyed Taher Taheri [signature]

Advisory Minister and Head of the National Welfare Organization

25/10/1359 [15 January 1981]

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3166 [Date:] 25/10/1359 [15 January 1981]