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[Adapted from website:] Welayatnet

[Date:] 21 Azar 1397 [12 December 2018]


Reza Shah: Pretence from Being Religious to Confronting Religion!

Author: Reza Rostami

Before coming to power, Reza Shah had established himself as a devout Muslim, but after coming to power, he became the greatest enemy of religion and [religiousness]!


Reza Shah Narrated by Five Americans

Before coming to power, Reza Shah, the bully, tried to show himself to be interested in religion. He went on a pilgrimage to holy shrines in Iraq, started a mourning procession and poured straw on his head, and started the religious mourning gathering. But when he came to power, he stood up to religious rites in ways that are less common in Iranian history. It is not possible to mention all the examples, but Reza Shah’s work reached a point where in 1319 [1920], in order to confront the of mourning for Imam Husayn in the first decade of Muharram and break the [atmosphere of] sanctity, he sent a truck carrying street musicians and prostitutes to the streets to dance and stomp.¹

It is strange that before coming to power, Reza Shah also appeared in Baha’i circles and introduced himself as one of them and a follower of Baha’ism²,  but after gaining power, it became clear that he had no belief in any religion or sect, and his only goal was to strengthen his foothold in power. This, in itself, is a strong indication that Reza Khan had no belief in Islam and the Shiite religion.

It should be noted that the greatest blows to Islam throughout history have been inflicted by those who pretended to be Muslims and, with a dagger of rancour, stabbed [us] in the back.



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