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Department of Social Services

Office of the Executive Director

Number 6/66773

Date 23 Dey 1368 [13 January 1990]

Enclosure: -----


The Islamic Republic of Iran

Department of Social Services


In the Name of God

Brother, Mr. Abo-Taleb Habibi, the esteemed representative of the people of Qaemshahr in the Islamic Consultative Assembly

Subject: Addressing the request of Messrs. Manouchehr Shirvani and Ali-Akbar Nowrouzian


In reference to your letter number 4/S/4089, dated 23 Aban 1368 [14 November 1989], we advise that:

As decided by the Preliminary Commission of the Human Resources Restructuring Office of the Ministry of Health, Hygiene, and Medical Education, the above-named individuals were permanently dismissed from government and government-affiliated employment owing to their membership in the perverse Baha’i sect.  Unfortunately, therefore, there is nothing to be done that would enable reinstatement of their wages.

Dr. Abol-Fazl Gharazi

Head of the Board of Directors and Executive Director and Representative of the Minister of Health, Hygiene, and Medical Education at the Department of Social Services



- The office of the Board of Directors and the Executive Director, entered as number 10095, dated 30 Aban 1368 [21 November 1989], for information.