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[Personal information has been redacted.]


[Official stamp containing the following number and date]

Number: [?] 4470

Dated 26 Tir 1358 [17 July 1979]


Grand Ayatollah Haj Sayyed Abdol-Hosein Dastgheib, exalted leader of Fars Province, may you live long.


With respect, it is conveyed that:


At this time when the downtrodden masses have attained victory in the Islamic Revolution in Iran under the leadership of Imam Khomeini, it is incumbent upon every Muslim and Iranian to identify and get rid of any individuals who may pose themselves against the Revolution, particularly individuals who are followers of the disgraced Baha’i sect.  The environment of this office must be cleansed from the presence of such entities.


A woman by the name of Victoreh Golshan, an employee of the Office of the [Iranian] Tobacco Company, has been advised several times to abandon Baha’ism and stop spreading its poison in the office.  Unfortunately, this advice has not had any effect.  Therefore, we beseech you to take swift action to remove the wickedness of this perverse anti-Islam agent.


With expressions of respect,


[More than 29 signatures]


In the Name of God, Head of the [Iranian] Tobacco Company,

Given that the lingering of this unbelieving woman employee in that office, as born witness to by the signatories, is a source of degenerate conditions, please act swiftly to dismiss her.


Dated 22 Tir 1358 [13 July 1979]– [unreadable] Sayyed Abdol-Hosein [Dastgheib]



[Handwritten note on the bottom of the page]


Management Office- I hereby agree to the indefinite removal of Mrs. Golshan from her position.  Please speak with her and arrange for the removal in [unreadable].


[Signature] 24 Tir