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The Islamic Revolutionary Supreme Court


Islamic Republic of Iran

Number: 62/3752/A

Enclosure -----


Case 110/1098 of the Office of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor [pertains to] Mr. Abbas Mohajeri, son of Habibo[llah], who is charged with membership in the perverse Baha’i sect. As he was out of the country, he was tried in absentia, and the verdict was to confiscate his assets in favor of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Supreme Islamic Revolutionary Court reviewed this decision and issues the following pronouncement.

According to the file documents, and, in particular, the remarks of the attorney, Seyyed Mohsen Azimi and his uncle Shamso[llah] Razaghi, as well as the statement of his partners, [the accused] is a well-known Baha’i. In this case, his travel is also referred to as pioneering, then for the judge of the Shariah, it is clear that the above-mentioned opinion [illegible] is legally upheld and confirmed.

The Islamic Revolutionary Supreme Court

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In the Name of God

The Executive Affairs of Islamic Revolution - as the above-mentioned verdict is approved by the Supreme Court, the order for its enforcement is issued and announced.

Sharia Judge

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