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In the Name of God


From: Air Force Central Hospital

To: Air Force Director of Health

Number: 102-06-64

Date: 1/6/1359 [23 August 1980]


Re: Personnel who are the followers of the Baha’i Faith


With reference to [letter] number 1600 10 107-[Date] 27/5/1359 [18 August 1980], the dismissal of Nurse Varghaiyyeh Bazm from 1/5/ 1359 [23 July 1980] was recorded in Article 5 of Order 156.  A copy of the aforementioned Article of Dismissal Order is also enclosed herewith.


The Head of the Air Force Central Hospital of the Islamic Republic of Iran


Colonel Dr. Moshiri




Head of payroll, for appropriate action

Order Branch, for appropriate action

Statistics Branch, for appropriate action

Education Branch, for appropriate action

Executor 4141