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Telegraph Office of the Exalted Government of Iran


Sample number: 16

Book number: 16

From Kashan to Tehran

Invoice number: 540

Cable number: 44

Number of words: 97

Issue date: 16

Description: governmental

Date received: 17 Mizan (Mehr) [9 October]

Receiver: Layegh


The Honourable Minister of the Interior, long live his honour!

Regarding the Vahdat-e Bashar School, instructions dated 16 Mizan (Mehr) [8 October] number 3500 of the Ministry of Education, Endowments and Fine Arts were received. As a result of the dispute between the inhabitants and the school, the administrators have changed its name and its teachers, and announced the end of their work. This servant contacted the head of education in order to set in motion the contents of the cable from the honourable ministry and sent a copy of the cable to them. I am awaiting the instructions of the ministry.


[Date:] 16 Mizan (Mehr) [8 October], number 818

[Signature and stamp:] Sardar Shoja


[Handwritten note at the bottom of the letter:] Southern Department, the publications branch, [date:] 18 Mizan (Mehr) [10 October]