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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Vaghaye-e Ettefaghieh – in eight pages

[Date:] 1 Dhu’l-Hajja 1268 [25 Shahrivar 1231] [16 September 1852]

[Issue No.:] 85

[Pages:] 1 and 2


…Mulla Sheikh Ali Torshizi, the ill-fated Babi, as reported in issue number 82, was put to death according to the fatwa of the distinguished ulama. However, since the distinguished ulama had been hesitant to investigate his beliefs, they postponed the killing for a few days in order to examine his false beliefs. After it became evident that that foul and malicious person was the head and leader of that perverse group and claimed to be the deceitful Bab’s representative, and that he was the one responsible for the seduction of a number of the sect followers, and that his belief was corrupt and against the laws of the pure prophetic Sharia, he was summoned once again to appear before the distinguished ulama on Wednesday, the last day of Dhu’l-Qade, in the upper chambers of the blessed court house to investigate his false beliefs, and issue a verdict for his death. He received his retribution in Ark Square…