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Ministry of the Interior,

Political Office

Number: 19141/C;

[Date: 23/12/1326]- [14 March 1948]

Enclosure: ------




Your Excellency, Prime Minister,

With reference to letter number: 2186- [dated:] 19/11/26 [9 February 1948] regarding a complaint transmitted by telegram from the citizens of Kashan and Shiraz, the matter was brought to your attention in [letters] number: 17417/14096- 22/11/26-[12 February 1948] - [number]:19307/14645- [date:]25/11/26 – [15 February 1948].  Regarding the complaints of the citizens of Kashmar, an order was also given to the Ninth Provincial Governor General to firmly prevent the dissemination of any propaganda and to halt disorderly action and to send the names of the Baha’is mentioned in the [above-noted] telegrams who work in the [government] offices with the precise details of their positions and the nature of their actions fully explained. The results will be presented following receipt [of your report].


Minister of the Interior,

[Signature; on behalf, Fereidouni]


[Margin 1:] previous,: 23/12/ (1326)- [14 March1948]

[Margin 2:] number: 4109/4- date:23/12/26- [14 March 1948]

[Margin 3:] observed. To be archived. 24/12/26- [15 March 1948]