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Ministry of Roads

Transcript of the encrypted telegraph from the Department of Roads and Highways of Shahroud

[Date:] 19 Mordad 1323 [10 August 1944]

[Number: 1069]


Ministry of Roads

There are intense and fierce religious demonstrations going on in Shahroud. Since 17 Mordad [8 August 1944], a number of people have been killed and injured. Many properties have been looted and set on fire.

The decision in Shahroud is that all those affiliated with the Baha’i sect should exit the city.

Mr. Sheidani, the head of the accounting office of this department, who is accused of belonging to this sect, does not have any financial and physical security. It is not wise for him to stay in Shahroud. He has moved to Tehran and the office work has remained at a standstill. [We] are requesting a replacement for him. Please issue instructions to clarify the situation. Number 1069.



Copy is identical to original.

[Signature] - 24 Mordad 1323 [15 July 1944]