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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Kayhan London print

[Date:] Thursday 21 Farvardin 1365 of Solar calendar-10 April 1986 Gregorian calendar

[Issue No:] 92


Violation of Human Rights in Iran and the priority of the issue at the next meeting


The context of the Resolution of the last Assembly of the Human Rights Commission in Geneva regarding the Islamic Republic of Iran


Tehran refuses to grant permission to the representative of the Human Rights Commission to enter Iran.


The Human Rights Commission of the United Nations at its last meeting on 12 March 1986 in Geneva condemned the systematic and serious violations of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran and requested that a special delegate be allocated to Iran to look into its Human Rights situation. 

The resolution of conviction for the Islamic Republic, which took place by a special vote for this purpose, and consisted of 19 votes for, 4 votes against and 16 neutral votes, was ratified.  In the introduction to the resolution, it states:


Referring to the Resolutions 1982/27 of 11 March 1982, 1983/34 of 8 March 1983 and

1984/54 of 14 March 1984, in which the Human Rights Commission has expressed its deep concern regarding the serious and systematic violations of human rights and basic freedoms in the Islamic Republic of Iran, a request for a special delegate to be designated to investigate the human rights situation in Iran [was made].


By special attention and reference to the Resolution 1985/39, the decision to extend the duration of service of the special delegate of the Human Rights Commission for another year and to ask [the delegate] to submit a temporary report of the human rights conditions in the Islamic Republic of Iran for the fourth Assembly of the United Nations, including the situation of the Baha’i minority in Iran was made.


And finally a reminder that the Islamic Government of Iran is still refusing to cooperate with the Human Rights Commission and it’s special delegate and does not allow the delegate to do an inspection in Iran. Considering the special delegate’s statements regarding the widespread violation of the human rights in Iran – as stated in the second report of the special delegate- to which the Islamic Republic has not yet replied  and the approval of the special delegate’s conclusions of the human rights report of the Islamic Republic of Iran, together with Mr. Andriance Agilar  information to the Commission that he is no longer able to continue his work as the special delegate of the Human Rights Commission to Iran, - deep concern has been caused regarding the obvious violation of the human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran. [The commission] issues a warning regarding the right to live, the right to freedom and security of people, the torture and demeaning treatment of its citizens, the unbridled arrests, the right to the freedom of thought, freedom of belief, freedom of choice of religion, right to a fair trial, and the right of the religious minorities in performing their religious obligations [in Iran].


-The Human Rights Commission of the United Nations, in approving the conclusions of its special delegate which have been documented as information collected by him, stresses that human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran have been violated.


-The Commission is demanding that the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran should promptly give a convincing respond to the above items.


The Commission firmly requests that the Islamic Republic of Iran, as a signatory to the Human Rights Declaration, respect the rights of all of its citizens and gives them the rights that are theirs according to the content of the Declaration.


The Commission decided to renew the contract of its special delegate for another year based on the resolution 1984/54


-The Commission requests that the Head of this Commission replace Mr. Andrias Agilar who has resigned from his position, with someone with international qualifications.


-The Commission requests the new delegate to submit a temporary report about the Human Rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran, regarding the situation of the minorities, including the Baha’is, to the forty-second public Assembly of the Human Rights Commission.


-The Commission of Egypt is asking the Islamic Government to cooperate with the special delegate from the Human Rights Commission and to allow him to inspect Iran.


-The Commission is asking the Secretary General to assist the Special Delegate in whatever way possible. 


-The Commission has decided to propose the Human Rights situation and the fundamental rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran as a priority in its forty- second assembly of the Commission.


It should be mentioned that the position taken by the Islamic Republic in the international community is nothing new.  The Government of Tehran so far has been convicted several times by the United Nations, the Human Rights Commission and the Amnesty International for lack of freedom, inflicting torture, quick trials and [other]. Nevertheless, the authorities of the Islamic Republic do not pay much attention to these convictions and they make a mockery of them by claiming that there are all sorts of freedoms in Iran, no one is tortured in the prisons, and it is the Islamic punishment [Tazir] that is interpreted as torture.


When the General Assembly of the United Nations condemned the human rights violations in Iran by issuing a resolution in the winter of last year, Ayatollah Khomeini in his speech made a mockery of this and said:  “They make allegations against Iran that there have been killings in the prisons, what has happened, what is your reasoning?  Their documentation is that those who are against the Islamic Republic have described what has happened and continues to happen, to their Parliament and say that they kill people without a trial and things like that…”


And the Islamic Republic radio in its news regarding this event (on 15 Azar of last year) said:

“The world imperialism with a rare advertising tumult, are designing a plan [to claim] the violation of  Human Rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran….” And called the United Nations an empty organization devoid of any validity.


However, this same radio, when the United Nations condemned Iraq for its use of chemical gas, they expressed approval and announced the United Nations as “creditable”.