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Ministry of Education

Department of Education for Cities

Number: M/460/152

Date: 17 Dey 1322 [8 January 1944]

Confidential - Direct


His Excellency the Prime Minister

In response to letter number 1627, dated 20 Azar 1322 [12 December 1943], following the interrogations from the Department of Education of Semnan, it became clear that two people had started two schools in Sangsar. As they did not have official permission, an order was issued to immediately close the schools and to have the students be accepted in the public academic institutions. Therefore, preparations were made for enrolment of the students of Sangsar within governmental academic institutions, so there remains no alternative but for the residents to complain.

On behalf of the Minister for Education, Mohammad Vahid [signed: Mohammad Vahid]


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[Margin: 2] 20588- date: 24 Dey 1322 [15 January 1944]