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Ministry of the Interior

Date: 23/2/1323- [13 May 1944]

[Number: 42]

Extract from Abadeh's telegram.


Ministry of the Interior


Directive 94 [?], these provocations have been occurring in Abadeh and surrounding villages for some time.  Regular reports were sent to the Governor General and some action was taken to stop them.  Recently, the Acting Governor General and the Head of the Police Force came to Abadeh and the relevant information was given to them in person; this resulted in Sheikh Ali-Akbar Rouzehkhan, who was the main instigator, being called and warned to observe of civil rest and order; he was also advised of the grave consequences of [his] acts of provocation.  At present the situation is being watched. However, the main instigator from the beginning was Seyyed Mohammad Rouzehkhan Abarghoie. After he went back to Abarghoo, [the activities] fell into the hands of the mentioned Sheikh Ali- Akbar who, after returning from pilgrimage to Karbala, came to Abadeh and joined the members of a newly established party called Jameyyat-e Dini. A few members of the government were also interested in that party.  In any case, to completely end these provocations education is required. Permission is sought to send these 2 preachers and their accomplices away from Abadeh to another place. 


20/2/1323 [10 May 1944].


On behalf of the Governor,



[Margin 1:] The section which I have underlined is not clear. Please tell [?] to ask question. 24/2/ [1323]-[14 May 1944]

[Margin 2:] The order was to leave it until the return of the Honourable Minister of the Interior, [and to] archive [the report] in the file of the Baha’is.