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Islamic Republic of Iran

Mostazafan Foundation

Northern District

Tonekabon 2916


Date: 15 Farvardin 1361 [4 April 1982]

Number 1001/109/3677

Enclosure -----


In the Name of God

To: Mr. Mokhtari and Mr. Khazeie

From: Mostazafan Foundation of Tonekabon

In an effort to carry out the provisions of Verdict number 17, dated 29 Mehr 1358 [21 October 1979], you have been repeatedly warned to take immediate action to relinquish your shop to the authorities; however, you have not yet obeyed [illegible]. This has led to residents of the district making complaints directly to this Foundation.  You are therefore instructed for the last time to vacate and hand over the shop by 10 Ordibehesht [30 April]. If, by that date, you have breached said verdict, and written evidence is received from the Office of the Prosecutor for the City of Chalus-Nowshahr to prove this, or if a request is received from the residents asking that the confiscated shop, which now belongs to the Foundation, be vacated, appropriate action will be taken.

Administrator of Mostazafan Foundation of Tonekabon

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