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[Personal information has been redacted.]




Ministry of the Interior

Governorate General of the Province of Isfahan

Number: 23/M

Date: 26 Tir 1341 [17 July 1962]



Education Department of the Province of Isfahan

Respectfully, in answer to letter 187/M, dated 18 Tir 1341 [9 July 1962], as [an] investigation [has revealed], two Baha’i women are busy with their activities in the Village of Eskandari, but they are not government employees and are not affiliated with any of the government organizations.


The Head of the Department of Education of Faridan,


Number: 231/M - Date: 30 Tir 1341 [21 July 1962]


[Typed note under the letter] Copy, pursuant to letter number 14866 - 2 Tir 1341 [23 June 1962] is submitted to the respected Governorate General of Isfahan Province for your information and action.

The Head of the Provincial Department of Education of Isfahan, Mousavi


True copy, [Signature]

[Stamp] Ministry of the Interior