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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Office of the Prime Minister

Public number: 10748

Private number: -----

Ledger: -----


Type of draft: -----

Subject of draft: ----

Enclosures: ----

Scribe: [illegible]

Date of writing ----- month

Date of transcription 22 Shahrivar [13 September]

Date of registration: 27 Shahrivar 1323 [18 September 1944]


The Ministry of Finance, in reference to your letter 16966/19 – 15407 – 18 Shahrivar 1323 [9 September 1944] regarding the recent events in Shahroud, advises:

Effective actions were taken to prosecute the instigators of the above-mentioned event. Proper measures were taken by the Ministries of the Interior and Justice to investigate the matter, punish the instigators and safeguard the public security by dispatching inspectors, armed police and a number of gendarmes there.

The Prime Minister




23 Shahrivar 1323 [14 September 1944]



25 Shahrivar 1323 [16 September 1944]