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Islamic Republic Of Iran




Number: [51/62]

Date: 30 Shahrivar 1364 [21 September 1985]

Enclosure: -----


In the Name of God


Honourable Head of Tabriz University


Further to letter number K 353/64 – dated 20 Mordad 1364 [11 August 1985], and with reference to letter number M/495 – dated 11 Shahrivar 1364 [2 September 1985], regarding Mr. Touraj Misaghi Mamaghani, son of Allahverdi, birth certificate number [redacted], issued from [redacted], student of the field of pharmacy, given that, according to the notification of the Faculty of Pharmacy, this person can enrol by choosing the subjects in the current semester and graduate after one term, in accordance with directive number M 1/2653 – dated 16 Ordibehesht 1363 [6 May 1984] of the Supreme Council of the Judiciary, he can be enrolled according to the relevant procedure.


[However], it should be noted that any considerations with respect to the exams are subject to the opinion of this court, and no degree should be awarded until this case is fully reviewed and a final judgment is issued. After receiving this case and conducting the necessary reviews, the final result will be announced. P


Sharia Judge of Special Islamic Revolutionary Court for the Universities



Name [Illegible]


30 Shahrivar 1364 [21 September 1985]

Stamp: Has been referred


[Handwritten note on the side of the page]

University Academic Affairs: Take action [signature]



[Official stamp with number and date]

Secretariat of Tabriz University

Number: 14457

Date: 1 Mehr 1364 [23 September 1985]

Stamp: Recorded