Touba Zaerpour

Born: 24 March 1931, Isfahan

Executed by hanging in Shiraz on 12 March 1983


Touba Zaerpour lost her father, who was the only Baha’i member of his family, when she was a young child and was raised by her aunt who sent her to Baha’i children’s classes, accomplishing her father’s wish.  At the age of 14 she moved to Shiraz to further her education and later graduated from Pahlavi University with a degree in Persian Literature.  She was employed by the Ministry of Education and taught in several schools in Shiraz. 

On 23 October 1981 she was arrested.  She was first held at the Sepah Detention Centre for 55 days during which she was tortured severely.  She was then transferred to Adilabad prison.  During her imprisonment she suffered from an ulcer and was not permitted medication.  She was executed by hanging in Chowgan Square on 12 March 1983, together with Yadollah Mahmoudnejad and Rahmatollah Vafaie.  Their bodies were not returned to their families, but it is believed they were buried by the authorities in the Baha’i cemetery of Shiraz without the knowledge of their families.


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