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[Adapted from website:] Titre1 News Agency

[Date:] 7 Azar 1393 [28 November 2014]


Ayatollah Hoseini-Hamadani in Friday Prayer Sermons in Karaj:

In Alborz Province, Some Educators and Teachers in Kindergartens Are Baha’is / Basij Way of Thinking is The Need of Today’s Society

... The representative of the supreme leader in Alborz Province, in a part of his sermons, expressed concern over the activities of some sects and groups in the province and demanded more vigilance by the anonymous soldiers of Imam Zaman[1]. He said, “The efforts of intelligence and security services in establishing security in the province should be appreciated. Therefore, I must say that the security system must be careful of the evils of the enemies and be vigilant and careful not to approve, God forbid, sects and groups whose situation is harmful to society intellectually and religiously, as well as culturally and morally, and by law they do not have permission to work or have any activity.”

Ayatollah Hoseini-Hamadani said, “The intelligence and security services should be careful that no organization employs these people. Their decision and order is to infiltrate our system.”

He said that, according to reports, some of these sects have started from kindergartens, and in Alborz Province, some tutors and teachers who teach children in kindergartens are Baha’is, and if we do not pay attention, they will do their job. ...



[1] [Imam-i-Zaman:  The Lord of the Age]