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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Roads – Structures – Facilities


Engineering LTD


18 Esfand 1354 [8 March 1976]

In the name of God

Seller, Mohammad Azami, son of Kouchak Agha, with birth certificate number [redacted].

Buyer, Mr. Hosein Azami, son of the late Haydar, with birth certificate number [redacted].

Subject of transaction: A house built on a plot of land with an area of 374 square metres with registered plaque number [redacted], a subsidiary of main 125, which has water, electricity and telephone, located at [redacted] Tehran, was sold to Mr. Hosein Azami for 725,000 tomans, which is equivalent to 7,250,000 rials. The entire amount has been paid to me, Mohammad Azami, and the deed of ownership will be transferred to the buyer after removal of municipal obstacles with respect to obtaining the completion of the work and receiving the examination of title.


[Signature] Azami


Elizabeth Boulevard – Maykadeh Avenue – Afshar Alley – Number 27 – Telephone number 654657