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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Ministry of Post, Telegraph, & Telephone


[Telegram from Gorgan to Tehran, (Number :) 55, Original Date: 8 Shahrivar 1323 (30 August 1944),



His honour, the Prime Minister

Copy: National Consultative Assembly

Copy: Ministry of the Interior

Copy: National Police Force Headquarters

Copy: National Gendarmerie Headquarters

Copy: Dr Khalil Falsafi, Representative of Gorgan

Copy: Asasi and Rohani


Yesterday a [copy of a letter] which was signed by the Islamic Committee, and its original, were forwarded to the Police, [in which it was reported that] threats have been made against the Baha’is of Gorgan that they will all be murdered and their properties plundered. In the face of such threats, what should we Baha’is do? Before anything else, it is necessary that this matter be urgently address and any such action be prevented. We expect you to provide us with your decision in this regard as soon as possible.




Mohammad Khorvash, Abbas Mehraein, Siavash Safidvash, Hosein-Ali Nehzati, Abbas Vahman


[Stamp of Telegraph office – illegible]

[Stamp of receipt at the Office of the Prime Minister, no: 11269, dated: 9 Shahrivar 1323 (31 August 1944)]

[Handwritten Note:] Urgently report to the Ministry of the Interior, 6/11