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[Personal information has been redacted.]


[Police Force of Gogan]

[Date:] 8 Tir 1323[29 June 1944]

[Number:] 254/174, [Date]


Confidential, Eyes only


The Governorate Office of Gorgan,


In reference to letter number 3114-[dated:] 23 Mordad 1323[14 August 1944] we would like to convey that the issue [referred to] has been communicated to the Police Forces and police stations of the regional municipalities and instructions provided. So far, no incidents have occurred. 

However; yesterday, this office received a letter, posted through the municipal mail, with the wording  ‘Islamic Committee’ inserted at the bottom of the letter, which stated that, within the next ten days all the Baha’is of the city, must leave Gorgan otherwise, there will be bloodshed similar to that which happened in Shahroud.  Meanwhile, a letter was received from Mr. Nabili, the head of the Melli bank branch in Gorgan stating that he had received a similar letter through the municipal post and with a similar content and wordings at the bottom of the letter.  As Mr. Governor was extremely ill and unavailable, a commission was formed including the Public Prosecutor and First lieutenant Khabiri, the head of Gendarmerie battalion of Gogran, and they consulted about the maintenance of order in the city and the prevention of any incidents. The commission suggested, and with regard to the conditions and situation of the place, that it would be useful if Mr. Nabili, who has already requested a leave of absence, be called to the Main Office. Herewith is a copy of the telegram which has been sent by various Baha’is to the higher authorities about this matter.


Should you find it appropriate, please reinforcement the law enforcement personnel.


The Acting Head of the Police Station of Gorgan

Major Taj-Bakhsh


This is a true copy of the original.