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Ministry of Post, Telegraph and Telephone

Telegraph: From Damghan to [Tehran]

Number 93

Original Date: 22 Bahman [1322] [12 February 1944]

Date Received: 25 Bahman [1322] [15 February 1944]


His Excellency the Prime Minister, copy to Ministry of Justice, copy to Headquarters of Police Force, copy to National Consultative Assembly, copy to Newspapers: “Ettelaat” and “Mehr-e Iran”

For some time, a group of adventurers and instigators of rebellion, such as Mousvian-e Bazzaz [i.e. textile merchant], and particularly his son, Taher Mousavian, and a few others, with the intention of creating commotion and revolution, and under the pretext of religion, [have been threatening] every day, by creating tumult and chaos, to slur, insult and threaten to kill and ransack us.

The local police have taken serious action to prevent and prosecute the instigators. However, the head of the judicial court of the area, instead of investigating the matter and restoring justice, protects the instigators. Under current conditions, it is possible that catastrophic and tragic incidents will occur. We feel our lives are in danger and we do not have security.

Heshmatollah Towfigh, Esmail Sajedi, Moheb Heyrani, Mohammad Ebrahim Hamedi, Haji Avazpour, Gholam Ali Heyrani, Rabie Esmailzadegan, Mehdi Esmailzadeghan


[Handwritten note:] Must be written to the Ministry of the Interior [to] issue instruction for investigation.