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[Personal information has been redacted.]


(Enclosure number 1)


Ministry of Roads

Iranian National Railways


766 – [Date:] 16/07/41 [8 October 1962] North East Railway region – Regarding the service records of Mr Farzin [redacted]


The service records and a detailed list of payments and reductions of Mr Ali-Baba Farzin, operator in charge of repairs for the railway of Aftahieh [that region], was handed to the office of the committee of representatives of the National Pension Department for investigation, However, as the above-mentioned person declared his religion to be Baha'i in a previous service record sheet that is available in his employment file, the committee mentioned above, in accordance with the Prime Minister’s confidential note, refused to investigate his service records. Therefore we provide this for your information and action.


Head of the Office of Human Resources.



7/26 – N/9797

A copy will be sent to the railway of the region to the financial organization of the region

North East Railway Region


3/08/41 [25 October 1962] – 2173

A copy will be sent to Semnan’s depot for information

Head of North East Railway – Farkhoo

5/08/41 [27 October 1962] - 779