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Islamic Republic of Iran

[Stamp] Confidential

Date: 18 Bahman 1360 [7 February 1982]

Number: M/3547

Enclosure -----

Ministry of Finance

Office of Finance- Gorgan County

In the Name of God

Organization -----

Company -----

Gorgan Governorship

Office -----

Pursuant to letter number M/2890/ - dated 5 Dey 1360 [26 December 1981], in order to effect the decisions [stipulated therein], which are based on religious principles and the Restructuring of Human Resources Act, [you are instructed to] carry out [the directives of] the recent circular concerning the employment of the members of the perverse Baha’i sect and to suspend in case of the retirees and salaried.

Morteza Haji – Deputy, Mazandaran Province

M/1043 - 28 Dey 1360 [18 January 1982]

Copy: letter number M/937 dated 20 Dey 1360 [10 December 1982] is forwarded to the Office of Finance – Gorgan, for information

Governorship of Gorgan County- Abedini

Copy to Mrs. Mir-Ghasemi in charge of the retirees for her information and action

Esmail Sotoudeh

Financial Comptroller and the Head of [illegible] Office of Finance - Gorgan


[Handwritten note number and date at the bottom of the page]

M/6 – 20 Esfand 1360 [11 March 1982]

4/18 – 11 Farvardin 1361 [31 March 1982] archived