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File Number: [illegible] 47302

In the Name of God

Islamic Republic of Iran

The Ministry of Defence JA

72 2/2 - 701-03-12 - [date:] 10 Mehr 1363 [2 October 1984]


From: [illegible]. Aja (B)

To: Office of N M JA Affairs

Subject: termination of the salary of Colonel Aminollah Sami’i-Isfahani, son of Mahmoud, birth certificate number [redacted]

Reference/ number 12679 [date:] 18 Mordad 1345 [9 August 1966]

Please [issue an] order to terminate the retirement pension of the said person as of 5 Shahrivar 1363 [27 August 1984], based on letter number [illegible]-500-730 of the Office of the Prosecutor of the Islamic Revolution.

R-Abvab Aja Colonel 2 Ajoudani Mohammad Mohtasham

8 Mehr 1363 [30 September 1984]


[Administrative stamp]

Recipient 12


Office of the Prosecutor of the Islamic Revolution, with reference to the letter for your information 723/2 [illegible]