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Islamic Republic of Iran



Date: [Illegible]

Number: 1/13442

Attachment: ------


In the Name of God


Mrs. Parvaneh Yazdani

Retiree from the University of Isfahan

According to credible information received from trusted sources, and based on your documented registration under number 24610 of Najafabad in the perverse Baha’i sect, your connection with this deviant group, which is related to global Zionism, has been ascertained by our “Amr-e be ma’rouf va nahy az monkar” [guiding to the good and warning of the bad] Committee. Therefore, in executing Memorandum number 1/8209, dated 17 Aban 1359 [8 November 1980], issued by the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education, your pension is cut off as of the date of the order; moving forward, you will have no position or rights at the University of Isfahan or the National Retirement Office.

Chancellor of the University of Isfahan

Mohammad-Ali Shah-Zamanian [signature]