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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of National Defence

From: Aboob A.M. (Retirement sub-section)

To: Special Order Branch

Subject -----

(Telephone -----)


Number: [illegible] 701 – 03 – 12 / [illegible]

Date: 23 Tir 1359 [14 July 1980]

Attachment -----


Based on letter number 603 – 05 – 1 – 88, 29 Khordad 1359 [19 June 1980], received from the Ministry of National Defence:

Since the officers listed below have been engaged in Baha’i activities and teaching its ideology, their pensions [fund] will be cut off as of 1 Mordad 1359 [23 July 1980].

On behalf of the Head of the Army Retirement and Insurance Administration JA. A [Islamic Republic of Iran], General Dr. Shayanfar,

For the Deputy Technical Officer, Colonel Sheikhol-Eslami



  1. Lieutenant Colonel Enayatollah Shakiba, son of [illegible] [handwritten number in front of name:] B/63878,
  2. Lieutenant Colonel Shapour Vafadari, son of Rostam [handwritten number in front of name:] B/52683,
  3. Colonel Akbar Noushabadi, son of Farajollah [handwritten number in front of name:] B/37135,
  4. Second Lieutenant Taynoush Arab, son of Azizollah [handwritten number in front of name:] B/97994
  5. Brigadier General Jahangeer Pirmoradi, son of Fazlollah, [handwritten number in front of name:] B/61768,
  6. Captain Keramatollah Pakravan, son of Shokrollah, [handwritten number in front of name:] B/65[01]6,
  7. Lieutenant Colonel Parichehr Sarvian, child of Rostam, [handwritten number in front of name:] B/69358,
  8. Major Abbas Samadi, son of Abdolhamid, [handwritten number in front of name:] B/23802
  9. Lieutenant Colonel Abbas Yazdi, son of Mohammad-Ali, [handwritten number in front of name:] B/49911


  1. Enlisted Officers’ Administration, for appropriate action
  2. Insurance sub-section, to calculate the insurance right
  3. Retired Officers Club of N.M. [armed forces], for information,
  4. Computer Group, for information


Actioned: Aryaei Panah

[Handwritten notes in chronological order:]

[Handwritten Note: 1] [On top of the page right hand side] [illegible initials] 

[Handwritten Note: 2] [On top of the page:] 2900 – 5 – 1

[Handwritten Note: 3] [Left side at the bottom of the page] Secretariat: It was mistakenly sent to this office. Return to the relevant accounting department. [Signature] [Illegible] 31 Tir [22 July] 

[Handwritten Note: 4] [At the bottom of the page] [Stamp] Recorded in ledger of Retirement Insurance Administration, [number:] 15091, [date:] 1 Mordad 1359 [23 July 1980]

[Handwritten Note: 5] [at the bottom of the page] [Stamp] 24949